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Our Book Club has been running since 2010 and continues to thrive. At one stage it became too large and we split it in two - so now we have two meetings a month, both reading the same book. Members can choose which night they come and can vary it to suit themselves. It is a very friendly, relaxed group and new members are made to feel very welcome. There is no pressure to say anything if you don't want to!


As of February 2019, the Wednesday meeting will be taking place at The Little Ripon Bookshop, 12-13 Westgate, at 7.30pm. The Monday meeting will continue to be at the Ripon Spa Hotel, on the last Monday of the month, where they kindly let us use their room for free - therefore I encourage everyone to buy a drink from the bar to support this fantastic independent business.

We read a mixture of books and try to alternate between contemporary and classics, although recently we have been reading more contemporary writers. Pretty much the only rule is that members of the Book Club buy the book from our shop (at 20% discount.) Please do not bring kindles ...being a member of the Book Club is about supporting The Little Ripon Bookshop.



Previous Book Club TItles, 2020



January - The Familiars


February - Middle England


March - Where the Crawdads Sing


April - The Offing


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Book Club March 2020

Where the Crawdads Sing

by Delia Owens


7.30pm 18th March 2020

at The Little Ripon Bookshop


7.30pm 30th March 2020

at The Little Ripon Bookshop


More updates will come on April's Book Club.

We will be trying to read The Offing by Benjamin Myers.

We will let you know.


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